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Zig Zag Pointer V2 Indicator For Metatrader 4

Introducing you to the most popular indicator called Zig Zag pointer Version 2, trading Forex has never been this easy. This technical tool takes all the stress away, simply draw trend lines and let all your buy and sell signals corresponds with significant support and/or resistance zone, you have your self a system. The Zig … Continue reading

EMA - Exponential Moving Average Indicator (2)
MT4 Indicators

EMA – Exponential Moving Average Indicator For Meta Trader 4

Welcome to the one and only reliable Forex Portal for downloading indicators. In this post, we are introducing you to a custom coded EMA Trend indicator which you can install on Meta Trader 4. We will also explain what an EMA is and an except of a universal strategy used by professional analysts to make … Continue reading

Forex Sniper Trading system
Forex Trading Systems

Forex Sniper Trading System

We are very pleased to introduce the Forex Sniper Trading System on our Portal. This system is quite unique and is used by forex traders for capturing short term scalps and long term swings. This strategy will provide you with crucial information as to when to enter or exit the market. Knowing the correct direction … Continue reading

Plus500 review
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Plus500 Review – Top 5 Features To Look From a Forex Broker

In this post, I want to provide you with some key features that can help you decide if plus500 is the right broker for you.

How to make money investing in forex?
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How to make money investing in Forex?

Introduction - What makes trading so elusive? There are lots of opinions on the subject of making money online, but most of them are impractical in the real world for some people. This impracticality is caused by the indifference of human nature, indifference's of vocabulary by profession and community. This simply means that if you … Continue reading

infoboard indicator
MT4 Indicators

InfoBoard Forex Indicator For MT4

Introducing a new version of Infoboard mt4 indicator. This forex indicator is very popular with retail traders all over the world. The infoboard works on any currency pair and timeframe. Are you new or experienced? It does not really matter because this indicator will help you identify various behaviors and patterns in price changes, which are invisible … Continue reading

Candlestick Dashboard Indicator
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Candlestick DashBoard Indicator

Introducing the candlestick dashboard indicator for refining technical analysis. This is a very simple forex indicator, any trader from novice to expert can use it. The Candlestick dashboard indicator displays the positive and negative candlestick for almost any currency pair in all trading timeframe. The red color is for bearish candles, lime color is for … Continue reading

Venom Indicator
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Venom Indicator Files

Welcome to the portal, we have just what you need to enhance your trading experience. This time we are introducing you to venom trading system. The venom system goes in two parts, Venom Indicator A and Venom Indicator B. AFF Link: Join Make Me A Trader Program Venom Indicators work on MT4, you can use the system on any timeframe … Continue reading

Free Bitcoin mining cloud service
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Top 10 Finance Companies Offering Free Bitcoin Mining Service

We evaluated the top 10 finance companies offering free bitcoin mining service using the search term "free bitcoin mining" and "free bitcoin generator". Google's algorithm scans all the websites in the world and picks the most legitimate websites to be displayed on the first page.

forex trading system
Forex Trading Systems

Fibo Code Forex Trading System

Introducing the new Fibo Code Forex Trading System. Fibo code is a sophisticated strategy that could be employed on diverse currency pairs. On the long run, the strategy has been proven profitable over multiple pairs, however on your early days using this strategy it is recommended that you limit your trading to 3-4 currency pairs. … Continue reading