infinity scalper
Forex Trading Systems

Infinity Scalper Trading System

Introducing the Infinity scalper trading system. This is a very simple Forex system. The infinity scalper was designed exclusively for scalpers. The system is suitable for trading in any currency pair, and it works on shorter time frames such as the 1-minute time-frame up to the 15 minute time frame. Install Infinity Scalper, Your platform … Continue reading

Parabolic Sar indicator
Forex Trading Systems

JustForex: Day Trading With Parabolic Sar

Trading the currency exchange market is one of the best and most important decisions you could make. In this post, we are introducing you to the parabolic SAR based trading system. The parabolic SAR is a trading system compiled for trading justforex. Most traders prefer to trade metals such as gold, that should not be … Continue reading

simple london breakout system
Forex Trading Systems

Kim Kardashian: Simple London Break Out System

People are fascinated by quick and easy money. This probably the reason why many people, when they first get into trading and go into the online forums or look for mentors, go for those that are easy and simple, while hoping for high yields with a 1 million % return on the money. I hate … Continue reading

renko donchian reversal
Forex Trading Systems

Donald Trump: Renko Donchian Reversal System

Remember it's 2019 and technology is advancing at an exponential rate. Think about it; how many times does Google update their apps? almost all the time right?! In this post, I'd like to introduce you to the Renko Donchian Reversal System. This is a trading system suitable for trading Forex, it is fairly easy to … Continue reading

trillion strategy
Forex Trading Systems

Forex Millionaire’s: Trillion Strategy

Introducing the trillion trading strategy. This is a trading system used to trade forex. Trillion methods are superior, precision execution will make a novice trader filthy rich.  It’s common for people to give up in this business, too many advertising promising automatic robots that will do all the work while you sleep. The problem with … Continue reading

Forex Sniper Trading system
Forex Trading Systems

Forex Sniper Trading System

We are very pleased to introduce the Forex Sniper Trading System on our Portal. This system is quite unique and is used by forex traders for capturing short term scalps and long term swings. This strategy will provide you with crucial information as to when to enter or exit the market. Knowing the correct direction … Continue reading

fibo code system
Forex Trading Systems

Fibo Code Forex Trading System

Introducing the new Fibo Code Forex Trading System. Fibo code is a sophisticated strategy that could be employed on diverse currency pairs. On the long run, the strategy has been proven profitable over multiple pairs, however on your early days using this strategy it is recommended that you limit your trading to 3-4 currency pairs. … Continue reading

FX - Envelopes Winner Strategy
Forex Trading Systems

FX – Envelopes Winner Strategy

Introducing Envelopes winner strategy. This trading strategy is very powerful and simple, it is the world’s simplest trading system ever created. The best part about this system is its precision, it has the ability to spot some of the most profitable trading setups. The envelop winner strategy consists of three indicators. You can trade using … Continue reading

Moving average candles
Forex Trading Systems

Moving Average Candles – Trading System

Introducing the Moving Average Candles Trading System. This is the best choice for trend following traders and it’s very profitable. Traders from novice to expert can utilize this system for their trading activity, it is very simple and easy to understand. The MA Candles Trading system has custom Forex Indicators in the main chart and … Continue reading

Best Moving Average Crossover For Swing Trading
Forex Trading Systems

Best Moving Average Crossover For Swing Trading

Introducing the best moving average crossover for swing trading. This is a very simple Forex trading system popularly used by Forex traders at all levels. The web crossover trading system utilizes technical indicators to produce early buy and sell signals. This trading system works on higher time-frames from 30 minutes, it produces many whipsaws on … Continue reading