trillion strategy

Forex Millionaire’s: Trillion Strategy

Introducing the trillion trading strategy. This is a trading system used to trade forex. Trillion methods are superior, precision execution will make a novice trader filthy rich. 

It’s common for people to give up in this business, too many advertising promising automatic robots that will do all the work while you sleep. The problem with the ads is that they don’t produce exactly what was advertised.  

If you need a system that can give you signals on any timeframe you desire to trade, the trillion strategy is for you. If you need a system that has a high win ratio and a low loss ratio, the trillion strategy is yours.

As you install the system, your platform will look like this:

The trillion system works using indicators to generate signals. The first indicator is labeled moving average 3, and it remains gray through the changes of the market. 

The second indicator is labeled LWMA, this moving average is highly customized, it changes to orange when the market is about to embark on a bullish move, it changes the color to white when the market is about to create a bearish movement. 

The third indicator is labeled trillion Signal. These are the arrows that provide manual buy and sell signals. The orange arrows indicate buying opportunities, and the white arrows indicate selling opportunities. 

The fourth indicator is labeled trillion3. This indicator works more like a histogram, the bars will be bellow the o line when the market is bearish, and above the o line when the market is bullish.

Selling using the Trillion strategy

  • Confirm trillion3 is below the zero lines and the bars are white
  • Confirm the custom LWMA is white transitioning from orange
  • The trillion signals should be white 
  • Execute your sell trade and place your stop on the last swing high
  • Take profit soon as the trillion3 changes to orange

Buying using the trillion strategy 

  • See to it that the trillion3 is above the zero lines and the bars are white
  • Confirm that the custom LWMA moving average is orange
  • The trillion signals should be orange
  • Execute your buying trade and place your stop below the previous swing low
  • Take profit as soon as the trillion3 indicator shifts below the zero line

Note that it can be extremely helpful to use stops and limit orders instead of entering on the spot, give your self the freedom to choose the price you want from the market.


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