Forex Strategy Master Levelator Method Russ Horn

Levelator Method

By // Russ Horn

The Levelator will give us levels in which we can:

  1. Buy or sell.
  2. Place a stop loss.
  3. Place a take profit order.

By default, the Levelator will look to identify the lowest low and the highest high over the last 100 candles and then connect them.

Once a high and a low have been identified, the Levelator will draw 6 equally spaced levels or zones between the high and the low.

If the market has been moving upwards, the zones will be colored Orange.

If the market has been moving downwards, the zones will be colored Blue.

At each line that separates the sections, you will see a yellow number. This is the number of pips the current market price is away from these levels. These numbers will continually change as the price of the market changes.

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