Forum Particiation Rules

Hello there, this is Almond. Thank you so much for starting here.

As a new forum member, I thought it’s best for you to know that ASSASSINFX Portal is newly established. In order to grow this community in a healthy manner, there are rules applying to all forum members you need to follow.

First, I’d like to apologize to all Forum members that lost valuable content due to the high increase of bot spam threads, we reached a devastating decision of hitting the reset button. The good news is: we have applied google re-captcha on all forum forms to block out all bot profiles that generated huge amounts of spam and therefore invite all members who were already active to re-establish their threads. All forum members including me have to prove humanity to the re-captcha provided by Google before their thread/reply goes live.

The Rules

  • Please respect other forum members. During my research, one of the top reasons online communities remain stagnant is lack of respect and co-operation from other members. Resulting in highly participative members to walk away. So please help us with this.
  • Please Don’t publish a thread on the wrong forum. If you want to publish a thread on cryptocurrencies, don’t publish it on “let’s talk forex” or “binary options” Forum. Always make sure your threads are under the right forum.
  • Please don’t sell scams and useless unrelated products to our community. Among the trash we have just deleted, we found a lot of viagra products accompanied by too much backlink sniffing. This is forbidden!
  • Please sell ONLY under the “online service” forum. Place only ONE link pointing to your product. Allowed services and products are: account management (provided you have legitimate stats), your own signal service (provided you have legitimate stats), Brokerage startup service/licencing (provided you are a huge institution with a legitimate website proving you provide such service), webmaster tools, web hosting, EA software, Forex/stocks/cryptocurrency/binary option’s education course service. Hypip scams, Ponzi scheme scams and click bank scams are all forbidden!
  • Don’t promote your website here, only promote a service or product and link to it after you have described what it is and how it can benefit our members. Some people would start a thread saying “my new app” and when you open the thread you’d find no text but a domain like These type of actions don’t contribute to growth, instead, they degrade the quality of the entire Forex Portal, giving Google a lot of spam signals and eventually killing the ranks of this website.


If you don’t want to follow the rules, please leave us, you don’t want to grow us, in turn we don’t need you! Brake 1 rule you’re banned for good. Sign up using another email and do the same, you’ll get banned again till you run out of new emails!


A  forum is a community, like your neighborhood:-). We are supposed to help each other, learn from each other, and grow together financially. Mathematicians solve the same X, they don’t hide strategies of solving to each other, let us all become like them. Unlike them we are going to be buying and selling, testing different tacticts, making lots and lots of money online:-).