FX Mah Reversals Indicator

Have you ever wondered how it might feel to pick almost all the reversals of the market? Here I’m introducing you to the Forex Mah Reversals Indicator. You can use this indicator to launch your own signals service and provide people with accurate signals, or you can use it solely for your own private trading activities. The FX Mah Reversals Indicator uses two moving averages; 4H moving average indicator, and MA 4H indicator. This indicator works very well on long-term trades.

FX MA 4H indicator uses two different set of patterns when picking signals, there’s a slow moving average and there’s a fast moving average. These tools react sensitively on different price levels helping traders identify common behaviors of the price. It is also a good indicator for determining the strength and momentum of the market thereby allowing traders to use it for both entry and exit signals.

Install Mah Reversals Indicator, your MT4 platform should look like this:

The fast moving average will appear as the red color line across the chart. This MA studies price on shorter space of time and reacts quicker than the slow MA. Price above the fast MA indicates current bullish momentum, price below the fast MA indicate bearish momentum.

The slow-moving average appears as the green color line, this indicator keeps tracks of price occurring on longer time intervals. This indicator produces fewer signals and helps learn the trend on a longer-term view.

Conditions for buying using MAH reversals indicator

  • Make sure the fast MA is above the slow MA
  • Buy signal triggers when price crosses above both moving averages
  • Place the stop loss below the respective bar’s low
  • Take the profit when the fast MA moves below the Slow MA

Conditions for selling using MAH reversals indicator

  • Make sure the fast MA is below the slow MA
  • The selling signal triggers when price crosses below of both moving averages
  • Place the stop loss above the respective bar’s high
  • Take the profit when the fast moving average moves above the slow MA

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