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AIMS The Fruit – Trend and Counter Trend Trading Strategy

A Clear, Simple but Very Powerful Strategy that gets you into trends before anyone else can see them.

AIMS Stress-Free Trading – The Fruit Strategy – 3 Simple Indicators  – 2 Ways to get in 2 ways to get out.


The Fruit is our trend and counter-trend trading strategy. The book explains how to trade Higher Probability Counter Trend Setups using a set of simple and easy to use custom and purpose-built indicator software. The indicators are designed to be used with the worlds most famous Forex Trading software Metatrader 4 supported by all major forex brokerage firms.

AIMS money management and risk control take into account the market conditions.


AIMS techniques allow you to control your risk to a bare minimum and provide a potentially higher risk-reward ratio.

The AIMS strategies allow you to increase profitability when you have winning trades and give little away when you have a negative trade.

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The Fruit Strategy in a Nutshell

AIMS Stress-Free Trading – The Fruit Strategy offers Objective Entry Mechanisms, using a set of indicators that provide a comprehensive trading edge and a complete trading strategy that caters for all kind of markets and traders.

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