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Introducing the new XP Moving Average Indicator. This is a very reliable custom moving average indicator with a high success rate. This MA is categorized as a trend following indicator and it has been tested and proven to be a strategy that actually works in trading the Forex market.

Assuming the rules are followed properly, this indicator has a potential to generate a lot of money because it is specially designed using a unique algorithm. XP MA can be used by beginners as well as experienced traders to make money consistently in the forex market.

After installing XP Moving Average, your MT4 chart should look like this;

XP Moving Average Indicator
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It is very easy to read XP MA signals. It makes your job of trading easy by changing its color. When the indicator turns green, you should know that the market is bearish and you should sell, when the indicator turns red it indicates that the market is bullish so buy.

XP Moving Average Buying Conditions.

  • Currency pair should be up trending.
  • Currency pair should be bouncing from the recent support.
  • Place your long position when above conditions are met.
  • Place your stop loss below the recent support.
  • Book your profit when the indicator turns green.

Selling Conditions Using XP Moving Average.

  • Currency pair should be down trending.
  • Currency pair should be falling from the recent resistance.
  • Place your short position when above conditions are met.
  • Place your stop loss above the recent resistance.
  • Book your profit when the indicator turns red.

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