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Plus500 Forex Broker Review 2020

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In this post, I want to provide you with some key features that can help you decide if plus500 is the right broker for you.

Have you ever landed on a page that has a video of a man, telling you how lucky you were and that you are one of the 50 selected people for beta testing a super trading bot?

Well, that’s how I landed on this forex world. A man told me I was going to get rich very quick.

The online trading world is full of it all, I’m talking about mentors, gurus, software providers, affiliated software providers, and scammers.

You have to know where your money will be secure if you are going to make any money from forex trading.

I’ve searched and traded with many brokers, what I’ve learned is that the worst thing that could happen is depositing money on a scam. I found it very useful to look for the following features

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1. Key Milestones

These are some of the key events that happened during the operation period of the broker, starting with the year it got founded in 2008.

The company launched a trading platform that enables clients to buy or sell the underlying instruments.

It’s always best to find out the track record of a company before committing your business to it, and in plus500’s case, the record is positive.

2. Trading Platforms

Plus500 has been consistent on the focus of innovation, they provide best-in-class user experience believing that activity will grow if they continue to do so.

Plus500’s continued emphasis on innovation will enable it to continue being amongst the leaders in launching new instruments that traders find desirable, such as high profile equities.

This means as a trader using Plus500’s platforms, you will enjoy high-quality support from trained professionals and also benefit from the latest technology offered on IOS, Android and PC platforms.

Other benefits include rich features such as stop-limit/ stop-loss/trailing stop, guaranteed stop, negative balance protection, free email & push notifications on market events, and alerts on price movements and traders sentiment.

3. Expansion Goals

Plus500 broker wants to increase their market share in countries that they already serve, and also grow their jurisdiction reach over time by offering brokerage services to customers from new countries.

If you have $10,000 and want to make $100 000 in a year, you don’t want a broker that might go broke or disappear, you want a broker that evolves and inspires you to grow.

4. Deposit and Withdrawal Methods

Client funds are kept segregated separately from the company’s own bank account(s) as required by regulatory authorities. Now the question is, which methods do they accept?

This piece of information is very rare from plus500’s main website, so note that they allow e-wallets such as PayPal and skill, they also allow credit cards and wire transfer.

5. Regulated Entities

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Plus500 Pty LTD, AFSL 417727 is an Authorized Financial Service Provider FSP #47546 in South Africa, and plus500 LTD is a UK FTSE 250 company listed on the London Stock Exchange’s Main Market listed companies and regulated by FCA.

The FSP regulated entity offers no protection for customers, while the UK regulated entity provides up to $50 000 client protection.

Other information concluding plus500 review

Before we conclude just go to plus500 main website here, and just browse around.

In 2018 alone, Plus500 reported 39+ million opened positions, 304+ thousand active customers, and $1849+ Billion traded value.

That makes sense because they offer 0ver 2000 financial instruments, which traders can access through feature-rich platforms.


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