15 Pips FOREX Scalping System
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15 Pips Forex Scalping System

Introducing 15 pips forex scalping strategy. This is a very simple forex trading system used by traders at all levels. 15 pips strategy is a trend following system, it is formed by three custom indicators. So are you interested in scalping only 15pips per trade? try this trading system, it works best on the 15min … Continue reading

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Harmonic Pattern Indicator ex4

Introducing the famous harmonic pattern indicator. This is a very simple forex technical trading system. The harmonic pattern indicator is mostly used by price action traders but it is suitable for traders at all levels. This indicator scans harmonic patterns with their respective Fibonacci ratios. Say goodbye to missing opportunities due to manual pattern identification … Continue reading

MT4 Indicators

Bdfx trender Forex Indicator

Introducing the Bdfxtrender forex trading indicator. This an easy indicator to use and has an approved reliability record, but it does a good job of effective decisions when combined with other indicators. The Bdfxtrender is a dynamic forex trading indicator which can be used to trade in various time frames i.e 5 min, 15 min, … Continue reading

Awesome Accelerator Indocator
MT4 Indicators

Awesome Accelerator Zotic Indicator

Introducing Awesome Accelerator Zotic Forex technical indicator. It is a very simple oscillator based indicator. This indicator is highly profitable and it can be used by traders at all levels. Your probability of winning is at its optimum when the markets are trending, and your willingness to avoid sideways markets. Awesome Accelerator is a very … Continue reading

MT4 Indicators

Forex Drive Indicator

Introducing Drive Forex Indicator. This is a very simple MT4 technical indicator. Well, are you a beginner trader or expert? Either way, this indicator has been created just for you by code experts. As all indicators, this one requires just the basic understanding of the trend direction. This sort of knowledge is required because you … Continue reading

Chaos Oscillator
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Forex Chaos Oscillator

https://assassinfx.net/interactive-brokers/ Introducing chaos Oscillator Forex trading indicator. This indicator is very simple and usable on any financial instrument. It can be used by traders at all levels either alone for making trading decisions or combine with another indicator for accurate trading signals. You can both combine this indicator with moving averages or the parabolic SAR … Continue reading

Forex Extremum Indicator
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Forex Extremum Indicator

Introducing Extremum forex technical indicator. This is a very dynamic indicator system and might be a little bit confusing for beginning traders when using it for the first time. Anyway, it’s not that difficult to understand as you will see through this article. The extremum indicator is used for catching the trend when the market … Continue reading

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Ewaves indicator

Introducing the Ewaves Forex trading indicator. This tool is used for making precise trading decisions. Anyone can use this indicator, it is a very simple tool. The Ewaves indicator works in both trading ranges and trending markets. It works effectively with any currency pair. You can combine this indicator with any indicator to enhance consistent … Continue reading

MT4 Indicators

Download BBSqueeze Dark Indicator

Introducing the BBsqueeze Dark Forex trading Indicator. This is one of the simplest indicators you can find. When the BBsqueeze Dark indicator is properly used and combined with other indicators it can be extremely useful for your trading success. Often when you use this indicator to validate your trading decisions might feel like something is … Continue reading

Explore the best forex indicators of all time
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The Best Custom Forex Indicators Ever

This is a list of the greatest technical forex indicators you can find. I have chosen them on the basis of their reliability, and accuracy. Indicators play a major role in the process of technical analysis, they can be used to identify trend direction, they can be used to verify entry signals, and they can … Continue reading