infoboard indicator
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InfoBoard Forex Indicator For MT4

Introducing a new version of Infoboard mt4 indicator. This forex indicator is very popular with retail traders all over the world. The infoboard works on any currency pair and timeframe. Are you new or experienced? It does not really matter because this indicator will help you identify various behaviors and patterns in price changes, which are invisible … Continue reading

EMA - Exponential Moving Average Indicator (2)
MT4 Indicators

EMA – Exponential Moving Average Indicator For Meta Trader 4

Welcome to the one and only reliable Forex Portal for downloading indicators. In this post, we are introducing you to a custom coded EMA Trend indicator which you can install on Meta Trader 4. We will also explain what an EMA is and an except of a universal strategy used by professional analysts to make … Continue reading

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FX Mah Reversals Indicator

Have you ever wondered how it might feel to pick almost all the reversals of the market? Here I'm introducing you to the Forex Mah Reversals Indicator. You can use this indicator to launch your own signals service and provide people with accurate signals, or you can use it solely for your own private trading … Continue reading

assasssinfx instant profit scalper
MT4 Indicators

Instant Profit Scalper

Introducing Instant Profit Scalper Forex technical indicator. This is one heck of a badass indicator designed for extreme scalpers. It is a very simple system, you don’t need years of experience to follow its rules effectively. You can simply learn its basic rules here and use it right away, It might take you a week … Continue reading

Aroora buy & sell indicator
MT4 Indicators

Aroora buy & sell Forex Indicator

Introducing Aroora buy & sell forex indicator. The Aroora buy & sell forex indicator is a momentum based indicator, it is also very easy to use. When momentum builds up in the market, this technical indicator will alert you with occurring buy & sell signals. Using Aroora buy & sell forex indicator is all it … Continue reading

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ADX Stochastic Alert Indicator

Introducing the ADX stochastic Alert Indicator. This is a very simple indicator with very easy rules to follow. The ADX stochastic alert indicator is a trend following indicator that is very profitable for those who follow all the rules properly. Traders from novice to professionals can use this indicator, it is very flexible because it … Continue reading

Kaufman buy and sell indicator
MT4 Indicators

Kaufman Buy & Sell Line Indicator

Introducing Kaufman buy & sell line indicator. The psychology of this indicator is very easy, it had tobeen simple to use, and extremely profitable compared to other indicators. That’s exactly what the developers have achieved, the last time it got tested it produced over 80% success rate, that’s not a joke to any man in … Continue reading

BBstop strategy with scalping action
Forex Trading Systems

BBstop Strategy with Forex Scalping Action

Introducing the BBstop Strategy with Scalping Action. This is a very simple forex trading system, Forex traders use it to enhance their profitability, success using this system is dependent on the trader using it, how disciplined are you? How much trust do you have? Are you willing to sacrifice some of the other things you … Continue reading

Harmonic Pattern Indicator
MT4 Indicators

Harmonic Pattern Indicator

Introducing the famous harmonic pattern indicator. This is a very simple forex technical trading system. The harmonic pattern indicator is mostly used by price action traders but it is suitable for traders at all levels. This indicator scans harmonic patterns with their respective Fibonacci ratios. Say goodbye to missing opportunities due to manual pattern identification … Continue reading

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Bdfx trender Forex Indicator

Introducing the Bdfxtrender forex trading indicator. This an easy indicator to use and has an approved reliability record, but it does a good job of effective decisions when combined with other indicators. The Bdfxtrender is a dynamic forex trading indicator which can be used to trade in various time frames i.e 5 min, 15 min, … Continue reading