How to make money investing in forex?
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How to make money investing in Forex?

Introduction - What makes trading so elusive? There are lots of opinions on the subject of making money online, but most of them are impractical in the real world for some people. This impracticality is caused by the indifference of human nature, indifference's of vocabulary by profession and community. This simply means that if you … Continue reading

Forex Trading Strategies of all time
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The Ultimate Forex Trading Strategies Of All Time

I have listed the best forex trading strategies based on their positive track record, return on investment, and their maximum drawdown. Have you ever wondered why many traders offer trading signals these days? Here you have an opportunity to choose one of the best popular systems used by market professionals, in that way you can … Continue reading

Forex Trading Systems

Forex channel trading Renko System

By //   The Forex Channel Trading method was developed as an easy to learn yet effective discretionary trading system. You can use it in Renko chart or without it. This is a “mechanical” based method with a clear set of rules for qualified trade entries. This training manual will cover the basic criteria … Continue reading

Forex Trading Systems

Fibonacci Golden Zone Strategy

Start 2018 with this strategy proven to produce more than 70% success Leonardo Pisano developed a simple series of numbers that created ratios describing the natural proportions of things in the universe. And these numbers have been used by traders now for many years! Your charting software should come with a standard Fibonacci retracement tool; however, you are the one that puts this on your chart.  The bottom line is that many traders use this tool which is why it is highly important to have a trading strategy that uses this. You are going to need to know where to apply these fibs. You will need to place them on the swing high/swing low. A Swing High is a candlestick with at least two lower highs on both the left and right of  itself.  A Swing Low is a candlestick with at least two higher lows on both the left and right of itself. A quick thing to remember about this: if it is an uptrend you want to start with the swing low and drag your Fibonacci level all the way up to the swing high. If it’s a downtrend you start with the swing high and drag your cursor all the way down to the swing low. Now, what if we told you there is a simple way to draw the Fibonacci retracement levels on your price chart. What if everything is done automatically? Well, our team at Trading Strategy Guides has developed a proprietary Fibonacci Golden Zone indicator that once placed on the chart it will instantly plot the Fibonacci retracement levels of the last swing. You’ll not need to pick by yourself the swing high/low levels as the Fibonacci Golden Zone indicator will do the job for you. Forex traders identify the Fibonacci retracement levels as areas of support and resistance. Because of this, the levels are watched by many traders, which is why the Fibonacci Golden Zone strategy could be a difference maker to your trading success. The Golden Zone is represented by the price area between the 38.2% and 61.8% Fibonacci retracement. Obviously, the 61.8% is the most critical number in our strategy. Now that we’ve learned the importance of the Fibonacci retracement levels and why they work in analyzing the financial market let’s have a look at the rules of the Fibonacci Golden Zone Strategy. Attached : Fibonacci Golden Zone DashBoard.ex4 Fibonacci Golden Zone.ex4 Fibonacci Golden Zone.tpl … Continue reading

Forex Broker Reviews

Detailed eToro Brokerage Firm Review

Reviewing The Leading Social Broker eToro is an Israeli based CFD broker founded in 2007. They have been awarded multiple times as a leading social investment site providing service to over 5 000 000 traders. eToro was founded by two brothers, Ronen and Yoni Assia and partner David ring with the vision of creating a … Continue reading

Forex Broker Reviews

Comprehensive Review | FIBOGROUP

Fibo Group history and back ground Fibo Group is an online Forex and CFD'S broker operating a NDD (No Dealing Desk) model. The company was founded in 1998 as Financial International Brokerage Online Group, making it one of the oldest players in marginal internet trading. They are registered as a Cyprus Investment Firm (CIF) and … Continue reading

MT4 Indicators

The Forex Pro Indicator

Many accurate indicators that are designed for forex trading, it is often useful to binary options trading. One of such of indicators is the Forex Indicator Pro, which was originally designed for scalping intraday on low timeframes (M5 and M15) and to trading on the D1. But apart from good results in the forex market, … Continue reading

Forex Trading Systems

The winning Profitable Forex trading system

Suggested Time Frame: 1Hour BUY: Entry point: MegaFxProfit arrow ↑ (One Candle MUST close so to be sure that the uptrend started) & After WE MUST HAVE: • SEFC-Bull-Bear: Blue • Fisher: Green • SSRC(Green): [ (≥1.3 AND ANGLE=0) OR ANGLE>0 ] • SSRC(Yellow): [ (≥1.3 AND ANGLE=0) OR ANGLE>0 ] • Solar Wind Joy … Continue reading

Forex Trading Systems

Support and Resistance trading system

Simple, proven and profitable S/R system There are a lot of various trading systems on the internet, but most of them are unusable and mainly not profitable in the long term. For this reason, I would like to introduce my (proven and profitable) trading system utilizing the S / R zones. I can definitely recommend … Continue reading

Forex Trading Systems

The Forex Archinum system

System overview The system is comprised of two parts. The first one is investors' levels of interest. The levels are represented by horizontal lines on the chart. Thick line shows us long-term interest. Thin line shows us short-term interest. Let’s discuss it Human behavior can be very intricate and complicated. Our mind can simultaneously process … Continue reading