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George Soros: How To Make Money Investing In Forex?

There are many opinions on the subject of making money investing in forex today, but most of them are not possible in real world situations especially for investors without enough capital. This impracticality is caused by the fact that we as humans have different activities, conditions and even the life styles that are totally different. … Continue reading

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Detailed eToro Brokerage Firm Review

Reviewing The Leading Social Broker eToro is an Israeli based CFD broker founded in 2007. They have been awarded multiple times as a leading social investment site providing service to over 5 000 000 traders. eToro was founded by two brothers, Ronen and Yoni Assia and partner David ring with the vision of creating a … Continue reading

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Top five Price Action setup’s

Every System has a personality behind. Some systems will be looking for crosses, patterns, divergences etc. With every analysis method takes the trader back to price action for entries. "Trading is not about picking market's direction, but about great execution" by George Soros. List of my set ups Break out failure Break out pull back … Continue reading

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Possible Bull on the AUD/USD

The past day ended well for bears, the trend continued to be bearish as identified by our analysis. We are more interested though about today's trend. The market opened resuming yesterdays bear at price 0.79691, supply was lost for this bear around price 0.79413 at 04:00 am, since then the market initiated a bull pullback … Continue reading

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Intraday analysis for AUDUSD

The market looks bullish and strong. It showed it's muscle yesterday when it broke above 0.79902 which is a price area defining a top of a range. Today the up trend continued to a new high 0.80423. The low 0.80170 which lead to the new high is accurate in defining an objective point of trend … Continue reading

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Technical analysis of AUDUSD

The past week was exciting for traders especially on Wednesday, the daily range went over 120 pips. Thursday the rally up continued from 1 am to 5 am South African time. Instead of a weak slow pullback trend it went strong resulting Thursday to close a bearish day. Friday was trading range price action rejecting … Continue reading

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The psychology of participants within an up trend

Psychology of participants within an up trend as an edge is necessary to compete in the mercenary game, that means knowing your opponents. During phases of the trend the trader have to ask himself: where is the winner? where is the loser? How can I join the winner? To answer these questions accurately the trader … Continue reading

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How to study strength and weakness in financial trends

If there trend is your friend, what do you do those days when it is not? The trend in the market changes in blips. For consistent success, it is important to pay attention in shifting forces of supply and demand. After all, it's the future where there is money to be made. To understand this … Continue reading

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How to avoid negative mindset impact on your live account

Know exactly what causes the demon and you can beat it! The main reason for trading which is common to all traders is increasing equity or margin and that's for the professionals, novice traders just want to get rich extremely quick. Most often than not, a large percentage of traders is trapped in negative thoughts, which in … Continue reading

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Deep practice rules that every new Forex trader should follow

The deep practice rules post is inspired by Danial Coyle in his famous book "talent code". He visited every country around the world to find places he referred to as talent hotbeds. His findings were that talent isn't born but it's grown. Danial Coyle's research got more popularity among the sports industry but it was intended … Continue reading