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Sandile Shezi: How To Withdraw Funds Earned From A No Deposit Bonus

For most Forex traders, one of the hardest things to achieve is acquiring enough funds to earn the status of an independent trader. Forex brokers know their target clients, aka traders without enough funds to trade the market. Have you ever tried meeting all requirements for a no deposit bonus? Welcome to the portal and … Continue reading

can forex traders benefit from trend following
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Can Forex Traders Benefit From Trend Following?

Forex traders are always looking to improve their edge, and one question I’m often asked is how trend following trading strategies might help. And while most of my wealth is in the stock market, I do maintain a forex trading account where I also apply trend following strategies. So in this short blog post, I’m … Continue reading

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Closing Price Reversal

Introducing the closing price reversal forex technical trading indicator. This is a very simple indicator and you don’t need any basic knowledge about forex to use this tool. Even though you don’t need basic knowledge, you might want to consider combining this indicator with other indicators for it to work wonders. The closing price reversal … Continue reading

Best 100 Trading Systems For Serious Traders
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Best 20 Trading Systems For Serious Traders

Have you ever wondered why many traders offer trading signals these days? Here you have an opportunity to choose one of the best popular systems used by market professionals, in that way you can scale out your trading business. For instance, you can start a Forex management service or provide your own signal service and … Continue reading

Forex Trading Systems

Forex Pallada Ichimoku Trading System

Pallada Ichimoku Trading System. This is Advanced High-Profit Forex Trading System Based on Ichimoku as Filter of ADX Advanced and Pallada Entry Signal. The Ichimoku indicator is comprised of five lines called the tenkan-sen, kijun-sen, senkou span A, senkou span B and chickou span. This indicator was developed so that a trader can gauge an asset’s trend, momentum … Continue reading

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Dynamic Swing Trading System

To use this system effectively you need to understand what swing trading is, we describe it as a short-term trading method that is used to capture market swings in stocks and options. Forex traders use this method as well, with positions lasting less than one day. Traditionally, swing trading positions last two to six days … Continue reading

Download Disciple Oscillator
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Discipline Oscillator For Forex Trading Signals

Introducing the Discipline Oscillator used in Forex trading. This is a simple Forex trading Indicator which has generated consistent results over the past years. The Discipline Oscillator accommodates both expert traders and the begging group in making money consistently in the Forex Exchange Market. This Indicator can be used for scalping short term as well … Continue reading

Forex Trading Systems

New Science Of Forex Trading- system by Toshko Raychev

New science of forex trading By Toshko Raychev By Toshko Raychev: I can assure you the big banks and funds have the latest trading technology. Stuff we haven’t even ever heard of. That’s how they like it. Because they know that the market is moving faster than ever and the old technology and methods … Continue reading

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Day Trading and swing trading the Currency Market

Preface by Kathy Lien the author and Director of Currency Research at GFT Since the first edition of Day Trading the Currency Market, which was published in 2005, the foreign exchange market has changed dramatically. The most notable change is the fact that daily average volume now exceeds $3 trillion, a 70 percent jump over … Continue reading

Forex Broker Reviews broker review

About the company was established in 2009 with the intent of making online trading easy for investors, if you are looking for internal details that would otherwise help you pick this firm as your choice of service, this review is directed to you. The Company is a Forex and CFD broker that provides cutting-edge … Continue reading