Venom Indicator Files

Welcome to the portal, we have just what you need to enhance your trading experience. This time we are introducing you to venom trading system. The venom system goes in two parts, Venom Indicator A and Venom Indicator B.

Venom Indicators work on MT4, you can use the system on any timeframe and currency pair. There are only certain guidelines you need to follow to succeed basically in any system when it comes to Forex Trading.

Installed Version Of Venom Indicators Looks Like The Image Below

The Venom A Indicator Displays the time, the currency, the date, price, and the color of a buying or selling signal. You will always see the buying signal in clear green color and a selling signal in clear red color.

The venom B indicator has its own separate chart below the main chart. The main function for the venom B is to display the signals on other signals from venom 1 up to 6. It’s a full package indicator deal, it also displays support and resistance zones, basically all the information you need to make money.

Execution of Orders Using Venom Indicator

You need to confirm all your orders using the venom indicator B that is visible on the main chart.

Sell when the venom indicators display red arrow and all the dots on venom B need to be red.

Buy when all six venom indicators have green arrows and all the dots are green.

Goodluck with your trading.

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