Best Moving Average Crossover For Swing Trading

Best Moving Average Crossover For Swing Trading

Introducing the best moving average crossover for swing trading. This is a very simple Forex trading system popularly used by Forex traders at all levels. The web crossover trading system utilizes technical indicators to produce early buy and sell signals.

This trading system works on higher time-frames from 30 minutes, it produces many whipsaws on lower time-frames. The time-frame limitation is not that bad, considering that you can use this system on any currency pair.

All you have to do with this system is to follow the main trend, for instance, if it’s red wait for a sell signal and if the green wait for a buying signal.

Install Web Crossover Trading System

web crossover trading system
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The web crossover trading system consists of two indicators; web cross indicator and web cross breakout. The web cross detects trend status either bullish or bearish and showing candle bar status. The cross breakout detects profit maximize point. The web crossover trading system also has its own template.

Buying and selling conditions using web crossover trading system

web crossover trading system

  • Always identify your support and resistance zones.
  • Make sure your buying signal is at support.
  • Always make sure your selling trades are at resistance.
  • The first rule of the web crossover system is the cross indicator, when green you should look for a buy signal, when red you should look for a sell signal.
  • Use cross breakout indicator for exits. On buying trades place the stop below the green arrow and take profit when the red arrow appears.
  • On selling trades place the stop above the red arrow, place the target when the green arrow appears.
  • The exits are generally known as profit maximize points.

Test Trading System On MT4

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